July 14th, 2017 of Zippy in
pasture, cooler night he says!
July 14th, 2017 of Zippy in
pasture, cooler night he says!
Zippy at 3 months, as we raised him, such a cutie, now a beauty at the age of 11
years, turning in 2018!  Zippy has been through a lot of turmoil with trainers,
not so great, and other occurences.  The one great thing, when we sponsered
Melissa, a gorgeous young lady a few years ago, at kirkwood Community
college for her project, for the 3 summer months, she did great with him, and
even competed against other college students halter classes.  Zippy came out on
top, Melissa rode him, and we were, and are proud of them both, now though
Zippy will never leave us, after being with not so good trainers, it does leave
scars emotionally on horses too.  He loves Arlin and I, as we are always out in
the barn and they come in for their apple cookie treats, and he knows he is
forever in a TRUSTFUL place no more trainers and he is doing awesome.  
Splash our Sonny Dee Bar mare, we also raised, was raised ALONG with zippy,
they have been with us all their lives growing up, and taken care of the proper
way and including vets/farriers/just plain love helps alot!
Melissa with zippy at kirkwood equestrian
center in Cedar Rapids, she took
awesome care of him, we will always be
grateful for her help on zippy, she is now a
grown up lady, had purchased a bay roan
from us and she took her on to reining all
by herself, she is an expert horse woman
Zippy on left with his buddy, Splash, they grew up with
us together, both are 11 this year, 2018, and forever
have been here and will stay here, in our indoor arena
pictures were taken, can't imagine life without them.
We raised APHA registered loud overo gelding, Zippy, he is 11 now 2018,
He is one gorgeous LOUD marked APHA, he craves attention and is very
laid back.  He will remain at Desibar Ranch throughout his life. Forever
April 18th, 2018, zippy in
corral, muddy from the snow
melting, still gorgeous my boy.