Blue Onyx back at the paddock from pasture, crop duster
was flying over, July 31st, 2017. We have new pics of her
and all her foal pictures if you want to see. Sire & Dambelow
Blue Onyx, black as coal face, she is a TRUE BLUE, we are not changing papers unless
someone else wants to, if they purchase HER, can see she is a black faced true blue roan
filly, need to wait to register these roans, they change in a matter of months, Maturing
now into a 2 year old, 2018 and I keep thinking she is a 3 year old!  We raised her.
Kim is
changing her color on her papers, anyone can see she is a true true blue roan with a coal
black face, she is just one gorgeous filly, we will miss her, but know kim will love her!
JULY 31st, 2017 of onyx, came up to get a drink! Coal black face
War Leo Badger, sire to blue onyx, he is 5 panel negative,
gorgeous boy, a dun roan.  He is now sold to another family.
Arlin with blue onyx August 23rd in the barn, do ya think there
is a bit of love there!  She is such a friendly gorgeous blue!
Above blue onyx with his dam, Reg. AQHA blue roan, faded out in sun, has
the black face just like blue onyx does when a foal!  Leo Hancock hayes is
right on the main papers, That sire even though passed, still has a huge stud
fee on him.  Of course Blue Valentine, Red Man, Doc Bar, lots of greats.  
We love BLUE ONYX, our filly, only can handle so many horses at once.
Blue Onyx pasture, she is one gorgeous TRUE BLUE roans,
disposition/color/Pedigree, Blue Onyx is a 2 year old now.
New picture of Blue Onyx in the barn, April 18th, she is just starting to shed, but look at
that mane, it will only get longer along with her forelock, when she sheds she will look like
picture above, when a yearling, now a 2 year old and super friendly, ready to take your
way and train her, slowly as she is a growing filly!  Waiting for her to shed off for pics.  
These pics are of all ages, this is a new one, and some are may 8th, 2018. Disposition +
May 8th, 2018, Blue Onyx in
paddock, they want out to pasture,
just a couple more weeks.  She is
just 2 this year, long mane, forelock
and growing like a week, $2500 Firm
May 7th,2018 new pic of blue
onyx, they have fans in the
barn, their jolly balls, they
have it made, they are waiting
to go to pasture! Be one more
week, good ol grass. She looks
just like the other yearling
pics exactly but growing into a
mature, gorgeous filly, well
bred, with a good mind on her.
so much,
so much,