Above is the sire to Chex, our 4 yr. old gelding, his sires name GARTH, AQHA Reg.
grulla, tested 5 panel N/N, resides in NORTH DAKOTA with deb & Terry Hochalter.  
They are good friends.  Chex has his sires conformation/build/nice, dam is a gorgeous
buckskin mare.  We have had quite a few foals out of Garth this sire, he is awesome!
picture of Chex, here at Desibar Ranch,  September 2018.
Chex on August 23rd,2017 came
to the paddock for water!
Chex, AQHA Reg.  3
year old,  2015, bay
dun gelding, this
boy is so laid back,
Chex's buckskin dam, with her
new foal  2018.  This mare is 5
panel negative and so is Chex's
sire, therefore making Chex 5
panel Negative!!!!! Great!
Chex was at the trainers as a 3 year old.  We don't send them as 2 year olds.  
Their minds are not set as are their legs fully matured. We pulled Chex after 2
months of training, 2018, he is doing good, but you have to be close to the
trainer, to watch honestly, how often the horse is being ridden, & visit your
Always research your trainer and make sure they are trainers and not
just horse riders. You can talk big, but results are what counts. Keep learning!!!