2018 grullo overo APHA GELDING, knock out looks, awesome pedigree,
disposition/conformation and color color color. APHA Reg  Grullo AQHA sire
5 panel negative.  SOLANO is this awesome geldings barn name! REG. colt,
GELDED on October 29th, 2018. IS FOR SALE NOW. Foaled May 8th,
2018. It will take a super special home for Solano to go to, as he does
everything, has a disposition of gold.  Great with farrier, trimmed
9th, 2019
by OUR farrier, we split our trimmimg up, as we have 11 horses.  
He not only carries the grullo color, we had him gelded, his color is 50/50 and
color and eye liner around both eyes,  Yes he does have one blue eye,  They
all are special, but it is just every now and then, you have that unique
gorgeous color with the attitude to match and pedigree.  He is always there to
greet us, as they all are, but SOLANO just has this way about him.
We have
not advertised our yearlings on the internet as of March 19th, 2019, waiting
August 5th, 2018 with his
gorgeous dam, pic taken
Gorgeous Grulla sire to grullo GELDING above, Blackburn
bred, peppy san badger, solano. Click above for pedigree
Above is Solano's sire, our grullo overo GELDING colt.  This sire is homozygous
black/listed with the APHA to.  Color tested red factor EE, Agouti aa, and dun
factor D/N.  He is a very well put together stallion, pretty headed, conformation
Dam above, Mickey McCue, very well
marked overo APHA Registered Dam
MICKEY MCCUE-- Click name to left.
August 23rd, weaning time! APHA
gorgeous grullo overo stud colt, major
dun factor, ears, dorsal, legs & shoulders!
September 3rd, 2018, picture
taken of Solano, our APHA
Grullo Overo Gelding in arena
September 3rd, 2018, picture
taken of Solano, our APHA
Grullo Overo stud colt, in arena
September 3rd, 2018,
picture taken of Solano,
our Reg. APHA Grullo
Overo GELDING in arena
Sept. 21st, 2018, pic of
Solano, gorgeous Reg.
GRULLO overo stud colt
Look at our gorgeous Solano,
reg. grullo overo, Pic taken
Oct. 2nd, 2018, will be for sale
as a yearling next year, 2019
November 13th, 2018
Solano, our gorgeous Reg.
gelding, we paid to have it
done, so that expense is one
less thing to do. Solano is
like your shadown, he just
loves attention,
always, conformation and
his 50/50 color great too.  
This boy, stands tied, picks
up his hooves, leads, going
to make someone an
awesome gelding. Winter
hair, color around both eyes
and black eyeliner, one blue
eye/one brown.
Click on name above for 5 generation pedigree.