Click Registered name up above for 5 generation pedigree, Registered AQHA grulla filly, Fancy
is her barn name, pics were taken august 8, 2017 in our indoor arena,  4 1/2 months, weaning
Dam is an AQHA
black Mare,
pedigrees on the 5
generation! AQHA
Fancy, her barn name, already picks up her feet, and likes attention, just
weaning so she is still loving to rip around in the indoor arena with her
friends.  She has major shoulder barring, ear barring, dorsal down her back
into her tail with guard hairs, leg barring, hard to see in the indoors. We will
let her out with the other foals in a couple weeks.  I cut her bridle path
already, she is just fine, she will make a fine ranch filly, ranch versatility
even trail riding and after that, just a nice trail partner.  We love the
blackburns, we use to have a lot of them.   All these pictures we took August
8th, 2017, being weaned and missing their dams!  All part of the process.
Fancy our slate grulla shedding out
now out to pasture with her buddy
scotch red dun overo, AQHA
Registered, having the time of their
lives after me working with them.
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
SEPT. 1st, fancys neck is now shedding out to the slate grulla color like the rest of
her, she has the leg barring and dorsal, and shoulder barring, a little harder to see
outside in the sun when shedding, when done we will have all one colored
filly!!!!!!!!  She is a sweet one, awesome conformation. A lot of foundation breeding
on top,F
ancy is with her buddy Scotch out in pasture, they have grain they love,
hay forget it while there is one stem of grass!!!!  I so enjoy watching these guys
change color, Scotch is drop dead gorgeous colt, he has his own page, I am biased
for overos, especially with the coloring around eyes, we also have a red dun tobie.
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
Above is the sire to Fancy, the grulla filly, SMOKEY BLACKBURN 023, is
his REG. NAME, check out his 5 generation pedigree, we had another slate
grulla filly out of him, when he was owned by another owner.  He is faded
some here, if you look at his head color, it is slate color, he is registered
dun.  Can't beat his conformation/pedigree alot of foundation, we use to
raise all blackburn foals, and own them, got out, and more the tru rolex and
QT poco streke horses, APHA and AQHA more show horses, we are leaning
back towards the ranch working horses and also blackburn/prettybuck. We
enjoy the more versatility working ranch horses and also used trail horses.
He is 5 panel Negative across the boards, tested through UC DAVIS.
Click above on the sires pedigree, another page
will come up with his 5 generation pedigree.
Fancy changing colors
from in the arena being
worked with for 4 weeks,
then put out, shedded off
darker and her head is coal
black now.  Amazing how
roans, grullas, and certain
others really change their
color from season to
season Pic taken sept first
on right, shows 4 weeks
color difference, being in
the indoor arena, then
being outside.  She has her
dorsal/shoulder barring
and leg, just harder to see
it being darker slate right
now on right.  She is a
sweet filly also, our horses,
all of them get attention
daily, so they know what it
is to be doted on and taken
care/brushed and Fancy
got  her hooves trimmed
and did excellent, Sept.7,
we start earlier with the
farrier and he did an
THE FOALS, we thank him