Click Registered name up above for 5 generation pedigree, Registered AQHA grulla filly, Fancy is her barn
name, pics were taken August 8, 2017 in our indoor arena,
Dam is an AQHA
black Mare,
pedigrees on the 5
generation! AQHA
, take a look
Fancy, her barn name, already picks up her feet, and likes attention,  she will make a fine ranch
filly, ranch versatility even trail riding partner
, breed when older. We love the blackburns, we use
to have a lot of them. This picture was taken February 18, 20`8.  Changing colors yet still
awesome, and this girl is in your pocket, loving attention and has what I always say,
DISPOSITION number one, although she does have the pedigree
, and color, she has the bonus of
all 3!!!!!  Really shows how she has grown since last year, we left some pics of both on here, young
and yearling, color will change and shed around late april. Farrier just trimmed all of our horses
hooves on Valentines day 2018,  Babies have been trimmed since little so they have hands on.
Fancy our slate grulla shedding out
now out to pasture with her buddy
scotch red dun overo, AQHA
Registered, having the time of their
lives after me working with them. Fall
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
August 23, 2017, fancy our grulla
shedding, turned outside, racing Chexy
our 3 yr. old gelding other side of fence~
August 23, 2017, fancy our
grulla shedding, turned outside
Above is the sire to Fancy, the grulla filly, SMOKEY BLACKBURN 023, is
his REG. NAME, check out his 5 generation pedigree, we had another slate
grulla filly out of him, when he was owned by another owner.  He is faded
some here, if you look at his head color, it is slate color, he is registered
dun.  Can't beat his conformation/pedigree alot of foundation, we use to
raise all blackburn foals, and own them, got out, and more the tru rolex and
QT poco streke horses, APHA and AQHA more show horses, we are leaning
back towards the ranch working horses and also blackburn/prettybuck. We
enjoy the more versatility working ranch horses
, and also used as trail
horses. He is 5 panel Negative across the boards, tested through UC DAVIS.
Click above on the sires pedigree, another page
will come up with his 5 generation pedigree.
Fancy changing colors
from in the arena being
worked with for 4 weeks,
then put out, shedded off
darker and her head is coal
black now.  Amazing how
roans, grullas, and certain
others really change their
color from season to
season Pic taken sept first
on right, shows 4 weeks
color difference, being in
the indoor arena, then
being outside.  She has her
dorsal/shoulder barring
and leg, just harder to see
it being darker slate right
now on right.  She is a
sweet filly also, our horses,
all of them get attention
daily, so they know what it
is to be h
andled with and
taken care/brushed and
Fancy got  her hooves
trimmed and did excellent,
Sept.7, we start earlier with
the farrier and he did an
THE FOALS, we thank him
Fall Picture, October 15th, 2017, weanling reg. AQHA
grulla filly, getting winter wool, we take pictures no matter
what, changing her color.  Growing up fast.  We have had
so much rain now, pretty muddy, they always can get in
the barn to get out of mud and rain etc.  Treated the best!
Fancy is so turning into a big bulky filly and so pretty,
these 3 pics agove it was muddy out, now she is a dark
grulla with her dorsal oh so dark, this filly is such a lover.  
Blackburn bred  and shining spark and we have had tons
of blackburn, they are super nice horses so are shining
spark we have had that breeding too.  DISPOSITION # 1
November 19th, 2017,
picture taken in barn,
working with Fancy, winter
hair!  Cute head.
Winter fuzzies are coming and
colors changing!  Nov. 19, 2017
Winter fuzzies are coming and
colors changing!  Nov. 19, 2017
All horses hooves trimmed on FEBRUARY 14th, 2018 BY OUR FARRIER, including of course the just coming
yearlings, they did awesome.  This pic was taken the 18th of February, 2018.  All our horses are doing well, still thick
winter hair, this grulla is gorgeous in person, color in the barn of our Grulla filly, Fancy barn name, We are snow
and cold in Iowa so they are still pretty fuzzy,  I continually take pictures anyway, as horse people usually can see
through all that hair, and I like to keep my weanlings pics UTD as they mature and boy have they all 3, GROWN!  
We are so ready for SPRING!  Fancy is resting her back left leg so she is at ease.  I tie to quick release rings always
yes I am an avid picture taker,
I so enjoy it and my horses.  
Sometimes it is hard to get just
the right shot, when me alone,
So I don't sit there and get
them set up just right, until it
gets warmer here and Arlin
helps!  I always take pics,
weather summer/fall/or winter!  
Keep my website UTD for you.  
I left some young pics, and in
between age pics and some just

yearling picture age!  They
are all so friendly when I go
outside in the nice mud at the
moment, they are all 3
following me every step of the
way, so I have to throw their
jolly balls to make them leave
to get pics, I love the in action
pictures!  I can get any pics you
want, I have a ton on my puter
Fancy, November 26th, 2017, running and having a ball, she has
conformation to die for, and going to make an all around filly,
Winter fuzzies are coming and
colors changing!  Nov.27, 2017
Fancy girl, AQHA Reg. filly.
Fancy has now grown up and she is a nicely muscled filly with
a nice ol big butt.  NO WHITE ON HER, she will be for sale
come spring time, just too cold and snow here in Iowa now.
Picture taken February 18th, 2018, still winter in IOWA!!!
This gorgeous grulla filly
s now ready to sell,  You
want to talk about built
and growth, this filly is
huge compared to these
pics, She has a huge ol
foundation butt and
super nice, straight legs,
cute headed, good
hipped, NO WHITE, She
just got her hooves
day, 2018, 4th time, so
we have all that covered.

She has that foundation
bull dog look we love,
New2 pictures of Fancy on February 18th, 2018, still winter
coat, we are still winter in Iowa, soon spring time WE HOPE!!!!
New Picture of Fancy on Feb. 18,
2018, I was working in the barn with
them, then let them out, farrier just
trimmed hooves on valentines day,
2018, 4th time. She is AWESOME
February 18th, 2018 new picture, LOOK
how Fancy is built, I worked with her
since a foal, I adore my foals and she  
was easily worked with, so small now wow
Yee Ha, Fancy having
fun outside,  late Nov.
after working her.
Foal picture of Fancy in our indoor
arena, I work them in there, after
weaning, I so enjoy the babies.