Above is Monica left at our home, July 2018, the blanket on the couch on the
back is our 3 dogs couch! My ankle is still not healed to ride, as of July 18th,
now injections, I am bumming not riding, but will be working the weanlings
soon when weaned.  My joy!  The 3 dogs get mad when we leave and so that is
their old  blanket they chewed, on their OWN couch, sorry about that!  To the
right is remembering Copper, Arlin and Copper, Arlins TWH gelding, he was
the most gorgeous, most loving, TWH gelding you could have, Arlin and
copper were inseperable, his papers had all grandchampions on them, but
more then anything copper anyone could just climb all over, he was 16-2 and
we still miss him, your main riders cannot be replaced, we try, but it just
doesn't happen. Arlin rides buck, his buckskin we have had along time now,
but still not copper, as my new horse is not ToFancy to beleive, my paint.
We are located 2 hours NORTHEAST of DesMoines, Iowa, by Waverly, Iowa where the big draft horse sale is held twice a
 We have a indoor riding arena, 66 x 144 and our other barn is 45 x 63.  Stalls in both.  When we do sell our
weanlings/yearlings we do require a DEPOSIT of half down, nonrefundable, and coggins is up to the new owners to pay,
which entails a health paper too, and if you want a vet check, that is your bill too, We will not hold a horse without a
We have the right of refusal to any buyer if we think it is not a good home. You can reach us at 319-404-3814, ask
for Monica or Arlin, and leave a message please. All shipping is up to the buyers, we do require box stalls, on our youngsters.
Calling is best, leave a message, some of our emails do not get through to us.  WE are honest and expect the same
COURTESY from you, we will never sell any sick horse, our horses get the best of care, farrier, shots, and any other
unexpected medical problems that may come up.  We hope they go to the same kind of home, we know once they leave they
are no longer in our hands. As always we just always pray they go to good working/loving homes and treated as we have.
you are not in the position to feed any horse, please don't purchase one, anyones, it isn't the cost of the horse that cost, it is
the feeding of them, that means good quality hay/grain/supplements if needed.  Pasture is really good if you have enough.  
We have seen too many people buy, neglect and let them starve, that is never needed, no reason, PLEASE REMEMBER
This is the inside of our indoor arena, it is 66 wide by 144 long, we have stalls down at the other end.
We have another nice barn 45 x 63 with stalls and alot of room for the horses to run in and out of as
they please, with alot of FANS!!!!! they appreciate it!  Always comes in handy. Although we enjoy
riding outside more then anything, training comes in handy in the indoor arena, and in cold weather
and rain.  The best still is the sun on our faces and & just enjoy the peacefullness of RIDING.
This is the inside of our indoor arena, it is 66 wide by 144 long,   We have another
nice barn 45 x 63 with stalls and alot of room for the horses to run in and out of as
they please, with alot of FANS!!!!! They appreciate it!  Anything to make them
more comfortable. When it comes to our horses, nothing is too good for them!
Above is our place, to the left is our 45 x 63 barn, and in the background our indoor arena, 66 wide by 144 long and then
our ranch home, our 8 goot high fence and driveway gates around our whole property, Pastures go all the way around the
back of the indoor arena and wraps like a U all the way around, and we have it cross fenced.  Been cutting trees again, if
you want trees don't have horses, as we had tons of trees, we have done a lot of work, you can't fence around every tree!
Arlin and Monica WELCOME you to Desibar Ranch. WE have had horses our whole lives, We have our own private riding
geldings, and also a few mares, and foals.  We do not sell broke horses, only weanlings/yearlings, as I enjoy teaching them
through out the winter, and by time spring comes, our then yearlings are so gentle, and we have a lot of repeat buyers and also
alot of REFERRALS. Our vet does our vaccinations, and they were done the 2nd of June 2018, we give 5 way, West Nile, and
Rabies, Also wormed on a time schedule.  Farrier work always done every 6 weeks.  We always believe in starting the foals hands
on, everything, main thing we believe is first of all an excellent DISPOSITION/conformation and color.  Too many folks make
the mistake of just picking for color, that is not the way to go. WE have sold to
France, Canada, Minnesota, Missouri,  
Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio,
Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska and
more, we are proud.
We do have a indoor riding arena if you want to see the prospects movement, we do NOT do videos on
weanlings!  We believe highly in an all around horse,  Although some with their breeding can go on to do show, ranch versatility.
We like our horses to have good bone, nice hipped, and baby doll heads, strong legs. short backed, above all, an AWESOME
DISPOSITION!  If you don't have a good minded disposition on any horse, you have nothing. I don't let these weanlings go till
2019 spring, I enjoy them so much, When we say worked with, they are worked with on a daily basis, even  spending more time
riding our horses, we raised, and they to, are now getting older fast, time flys.  Our 2017 Foals that I kept back all winter, got
sold fast, this year, 2018, and we are pleased with all 3 homes, already updates, miss them all.  We like to be treated with
HONESTY, as we ALWAYS are with our buyers, and repeat buyers. that is why we are very picky to what homes they end up in.  
All our foals are not just turned out, I am constantly working with them daily after weaned, teaching them their halter, leading,
having hooves trimmed at a very young age, tying, and patience. By their yearling year they are so worked with, hard work to
introduce them to their new owners, WE ARE PICKY, reason to be! We have 3 foals coming weanlings, this year, 2018.  We
always have very nice well bred weanlings, but more importantly their DISPOSITION is #1. Arlin has been riding our new 4 year
old APPALOOSA Sweets, he is a flashy boy under saddle and has a good mind on him. My bones in my ankle are still healing
from being broke, so I can't ride until completely healed, BUMMER big time!  Happy trails to you all with your equine friends.
Above is Jos Dandy Investment, (buck) Arlins Buckskin gelding we have had for 13 years, he is a very pretty
gelding, done a bit of everything, we enjoy the horses so much and when the babies are weaned I take over, I
adore them.  ONE THING WHEN I SELL THEM I ALWAYS SAY  first buyers right to purchase right, well
lately that has not been happening  it is sad that people can't be more honest about things, but they put
themselves in that spot!    WE use to NEVER charge board either on the  weanlings/yearlings when sold, but
like everyone else, we guess it is time,
as people are taking advantage and leaving them here, so after the
money is put down, you have 2 weeks, and after that, $75 a month will be charged, to board, once deposit is
put down,
if anything happens to the horse, it is the buyers responsibility to pay for any vet bills incurred.
Shall the horse die, beyond anyones control, money will be returned.  We do take into consideration some
shippers are back logged, and we require a box stall for our horses to travel in with shippers now. Coggins will
be between 80 and 100 dollars, which is health papers and coggins.  WE always keep our horses farrier work
up to date, and shots when time.  Worming always. Our horses are always taken care of, with the utmost of
care, and any and everything done, if they get hurt or circumstances beyond our control, our vet is out.  Our
horses present, and past, have been part of our family, so remember that please.  We are with our horses,
daily, they are always use to us around them. All of our equine friends we have had through the years, were
always part of our family, no matter when they leave and go on, and the new owners some have taken into
reining, team penning, general ranch work and just trail riding, they all have very good PEDIGREES along
with awesome dispositions. Color added bonus.
 NOTICE: Please noone under 18, please don't write or call
and waste our time, unless your parents are the ones calling.  Calling is the best also, at times emails do not
come through, and PLEASE read the entire ad, BEFORE CALLING, Serious inquiries only. THANKYOU!!!
chex will be gone 3 months, into september. Chex is already doing well in only 15 days!
Imagine 3 months, he will be suited for RANCH VERSATILITY with his pedigree, and his
build, short backed, 14-3 hands, a GELDING, we have owned CHEX 3 years.  Disposition plus
Above is our large indoor arena, 66 wide by 144 long, with skylights and new stalls, we mounted
huge industrial fans above so when you ride it stays cool, it does anyway, but we have two electric
overhead doors on each end, so the air just blows through, we really enjoy it, especially in winter
and when it rains, it is a huge help, and I work the foals in there, the first month when weaned. It is a
lot of fun with the babies when weaned to mess with them in there, teach them & watch do silly stuff
Drop dead gorgeous, light red dun reg.
Overo APHA  gelding, show quality,
worked with, Thanks Modenna!! Sold
in 3 days, left march 21st.
Pic is from
his new owner, June, 2018, she braided
his mane, this gelding I loved so much,
he is in a loving home now, one of thte
most gorgeous light red dun overos I
ever have had.
 We had him gelded,
black eyeliner around both eyes, miss
him. This year Scotchs full sister is a
red dun 2018 overo, minimal markings
compared to scotch, but just the same
very flashy filly. His disposition great
and breeding also, color a PLUS!
WE want to reccomend RANDY KUKER if you need a
awesome farrier in IOWA/MINNESOTA and other
areas, he takes his time, he does it right, and comes
when the appt. is made.  He has helped two of our
horses very much.  One would be gone if not for him.  
His number is
563-422-2065, ask for Randy, took us a
long time to find a excellent farrier like him, that keeps
up learning on corrective shoeing/trimming, you always
learn no matter what it comes to.  Plus he has the best
knowledge to from Ray Lagel.  Thanks Randy. so much
June 27th, 2018, Arlin on  
VALOR, my ankle is still
messed up so I can't ride!
Splash our sabino
APHA reg/ 11 year old
reg. mare, and sweets in
background out to
pasture, june 19th, 2018.
Lots of grass! Splash is
sonny dee bar bred,
retains all her training
from year earlier. We
purchased her as barely
over a 3 month old with
her half sister that was
almost a twin from
Gustfasons in ND.  We
love their breedings,
Splash is a ham!
Cowboy & Winston welcomes
everyone to DESIBAR
RANCH!  He is our 5 year old
Reg. Aussie, he is the smartest
dog, and protects his place here.
He is one of the biggest Blue
Merle Aussies I have seen, and
talk about hair. He never
misses a beat around here if
anyone is around,  He is 110 lbs
and so very smart and
hilarious.  When he is done
eating his food, he will pick up
his food bowl and bring it to us,
nothing gets by him, he is
always watching us!  We miss
our Giant Schnauzers but this
boy is more then the average
aussie!!! Winston is the newfie
to the far left, he is part time
help here, very very large,
so..........he knows his job!! He
belongs to my sister, SMART
DBR FRECKLE SAN CHEX, at the trainers, july 17th, 2018, he will remain
there into September for training, which this gelding is doing  AWESOME,
be a great Ranch Versatility gelding, 2015 foaled Gelding, we raised till
now.   All pics below are at trainers, thanks.  Keep your eye on him!!!!!!
3 year old Bay Dun AQHA
registered Gelding, 5 panel
Neg. across the boards.  He
has his own personal page
above with all the names,
click on it, Dbr Freckle San
Chex. Chex has never been
sick, always farrier work
done all his 3 years, shots
by vet and super laid back
disposition. This pic and
others above are at Terry
our trainers, he is doing
very well there.  Gorgeous
built Bay dun GELDING.
July 2018 picture. Thanks
TOFANCY TO BELEIVE, reg. APHA overo, he was always my main gelding for
the last 18 years, we have owned him since he was 4, he is 22 now and has some
arthritis in his knees, so letting him just retire here with us. Fancy Bonanza bred
July 22nd, 2018 pic taken.
Pic taken July 22nd, 2018 of Buck, Arlins
main AQHA buckskin gelding he rides.
Pic taken July 22nd, 2018 of Buck, Arlins
main AQHA buckskin gelding he rides.
Splash our APHA Reg. Sabino
on July 28th, 2018, I got stung
by bees, well she just found
where they were! Thanks
Splash, Arlin sprayed the gate
then at night, got thoses buggers!
Zippy our Reg. APHA loud overo paint gelding, 11 year old we
raised.  WE have been asked if we want to sell zip, he has been
through alot,
HE IS HOME FOREVER, we raised him from a
foal with splash.  HE is a gorgeous  boy. Pic taken July
28th,2018.  Zippy is just so happy to be home, he knows he is
loved and will always be fed, and fed the best and taken care of.
COWBOY, July pic, Reg.
blue merle Australian
Shepard, just turning 6,
2018.  He is just one of
our boys we love so much
Smoke and Too Too, good buddies, July 2018
Our other barn, 45 x 63, we have 12 x 12 stalls in there plus a huge area the horses come in and out as they please, our
horses ALWAYS have indoor shelter no matter what throughout the year.  Never locked in though, part of our family
We have 4 awesome foals this year, out of a shining spark stud, and 2 different
blackburn studs, click on their name above and check them out. 2018 foaled
Zippy, Reg. loud overo APHA at Kirkwood
college with Melissa while we sponsered her.